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Whatever the weather, whatever the time of the day and whatever you are doing. Semi Permanent Make Up is always there for you. Imagine yourself waking up with your make up already done. Celebrity looking eyebrows, smudge – free eyeliner and fuller looking eyelashes. Time consuming make up rituals no longer rule your mornings!

Every procedure is done to your individual needs and around your schedule.
We specialise in Semi Permanent Make Up and eyelash extension and have  14 years experience in the beauty industry. Also known as micropigmentation and permanent cosmetics, semi permanent make up is  growing in popularity across the UK.

Not just for high-flying celebrities, Semi Permanent Make Up is a real-life possibility for every-day women.

The equipment we use is the latest technology which removes the risk of contamination and infection, giving a gentle and pain- minimizing application of the colour pigment using precise cartridge needles.


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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

This treatment is for all women –  busy mothers, fitness lovers, sufferers of alopecia and stress-related  behaviour (over plucked eyebrows and eyelashes) medical professionals and any woman looking for a hassle-free, natural look that accentuates her existing beauty.


I create hyperrealistic eyebrows. This means that I draw each individual hair following your natural eyebrow hair.

Semi Permanent Make Up


There  are two options. The first is eyelash enhancement ([a fine line between  your lashes creating an optical illusion of fuller lashes) and the  second is called decorative (latino) eyeliner (thicker and longer). If you decide to go ahead here’s what’s going to happen.